One team can only apply with one startup.

Criteria for applying

The teams that are selected to pitch at the event can be from anywhere in the world, from any industry, as long as they meet all the criteria below:

  • Launched and validated products, with real customers or users by the time of competition
  • Scalable
  • Company valuation target: $500K – $5M
  • Currently fundraising
  • Great pitch
  • Functional live demo

How to apply

  • Competition entrants must create an account and complete an online entry form on F6S
  • Application must be in English. Pitching at Startup Avalanche will be in English.

We will be reviewing applications as received, so it is strongly recommended to apply early. Early applicants with high potential can receive support, including pitch training, business and product mentoring.

There is no fee for applying.


  1. Participation in the competition means that you agree to have your startup presentation evaluated publicly.
  2. You agree that Startup Avalanche and its partners are allowed to use your name, likeness, and the information provided in the competition to promote your product and this competition, in print and electronic communication means.
  3. You agree that the videos and photos taken during the event and associated activities (preparation, networking events, etc) can be used by Techsylvania and Risky Business  for promotional activity.


The written application to participate in Startup Avalanche will be read by a team of evaluators who have been asked to keep the contents of the application confidential, however, no formal guarantee of confidentiality will be provided or implied.


  1. By the submission of your application, you understand and agree that a short description of your startup will be considered a “public summary” and may be used in public documentation related to the competition.
  2. Startup Avalanche will provide a copy of your business description to competition staff and judges, and will inform them that no additional copies are to be made.
  3. Startup Avalanche will have no responsibility to protect the intellectual property rights of each contestant. Protection of such rights is the responsibility of each applicant.


All participants must provide information on their development during and after the competition when requested by Startup Avalanche – e.g. submit surveys, testimonials, interviews, etc.