Cory Reid


Managing Director at Tyton Partners

Cory Reid is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience conceiving and growing successful teams and companies. Currently he is a Managing Director with Tyton Partners, a dynamic advisory firm based in the US that serves clients across the education, information and media markets within the global knowledge sector. Tyton serves clients via a dual practice including investment banking, and strategic consulting, and represented clients in over $4B of transaction value.

Before joining Tyton Partners in Oct 2016, Cory was the ceo of MasteryConnect, a super passionate bunch laser focused on contributing to the nation’s movement to mastery learning in K-12 education. Cory joined MasteryConnect in early 2011 and lead corporate strategic initiatives, sales / business development, operations and fundraising, having raised over $29M in venture capital. The team created a platform that serves over 3.2M teachers, and 38M students in 85% of the US School Districts and 170 countries.

Prior to MasteryConnect Cory was the ceo of Instructure, a Learning Management System company focused on higher education. There he was recruited to lead and grow while in pre-beta, and was responsible for creating the business plan, setting Instructure’s overall corporate strategy, raising a venture capital round, as well as developing and directing business operations.

Cory brings more than 20 years of experience including high profile roles in executive-level management, operations, marketing, and sales positions, and he is known for his extensive experience in building successful businesses across a variety of industry categories.

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